English Course Online:
ABA English, Real Life Learning

Ok, so I'm quite excited about this English course online:

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

English Course Online

ABA English, Real Life Learning.

Actually, I liked this course so much that I am going to give you a full review of it! :)

(Click here to read about the benefits of learning English online.)


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video even more, check out this overview video:

Basically, ABA English offers six different English courses, from beginner's to the most advanced levels.

The courses are based on 
Real Life Learning System®, which is a special system to help you learn English using real life situations.

The courses are divided into lessons. Each lesson includes these sections: dictation, role-play (very cool!), written exercises, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and more.

Another cool feature is an advanced voice recognition technology. This technology allows you to record your own voice and compare it with a native voice. That way you can improve the way you speak English.

Also, you will be assigned a personal English teacher who will help you learn English. He or she will accompany you, correct your work, and motivate you to speak English!

You can ask your teacher questions about grammar, vocabulary, expressions or about any of the course contents.


ABA English offers English lessons in these levels:
  • Beginners

  • Lower intermediate

  • Intermediate

  • Upper intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Business


Each lesson includes:
  • Situation

  • Study

  • Dictation

  • Role play (you must try it :)

  • Grammar

  • Writing

  • New Words

  • Speaking

The fee

  1. You can try out the course for FREE.

    Basically, ABA English lets you download a small part of the course for free, and try it out. You can go over it, study and play around with the different features. It gives a very thorough demonstration.

  2. You can download the FREE grammar mini-course. It includes a summary of key English grammar points with audio pronunciation.

  3. You can sign up for the Exercise of the Day e-mail course. It's completely FREE and you will get a new e-mail every day with a new mini-lesson. You'll get vocabulary and motivation :)

  4. You can take the ABA English Level Test, to find out your level. This is FREE as well...

  5. Subscribe to the English course online.

    You can pay monthly: 25 Euros, or yearly 199 Euros
    (you get 35% off for the yearly option).

    Plus, if after 30 days you are not satisfied, you will get your money back – no questions asked!


Learning Tools

You will find following set of learning supplements:
  • An English dictionary

  • An English grammar reference guide

  • A mini English grammar course

  • A complete index of the course 

  • A student progress follow-up tool


If you succeed, you will be given a certificate of the American & British Academy.

Personal impression

ABA English seems to be one of the coolest online English courses around!

The lessons are well built, interesting and interactive.

The cartoons are very cool, and actually show real life situations. In addition, they tend to be amusing, which is a nice bonus.

Other lesson parts (like role play and speaking) really add a lot.

The atmosphere gives a positive and motivating feeling, which is very important.

However, like any other course, you have to actually do it to get its benefits. Also, make sure you really understand the materials and use a good dictionary whenever you don't.

In summary, ABA English looks like a fun place for learning English online, and of course you should try the course for free and judge for yourself.

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