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English Reading Practice – Don’t Discriminate

Put in the correct words based on the story you have just read. Press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
are | around | ashamed | At | best | by | cannot | clearly | country | does | employers | end | even | ever | everything | fair | finally | foreign | great | her | honest | interviews | job | like | manager | manners | no | offers | perfectly | professional | reaches | realizes | really | rentals | resumes | secretary | seem | such | the | to | tries | us | very

Abeni is looking for a . She used to work as a in her homeland, but now she is in a new . She can speak the language , but her accent is very strong and very . Abeny is afraid won't want her because of it.

She hard to find a job. She reads all the ads and sends many . She comes to the and answers all the questions. Her are excellent. Her skills the best. She behaves and looks very , but still, every time, someone else gets job.

One day, Abeni gets to a place that she likes. It is a big firm that takes care of car . All the people there very nice. The seems very nice. Actually, seems very nice, but the minute she opens her mouth she feels like the manager not want her.

the end of the interview the manager says, "Okay, thank you." Abeni feels he is not going to call. "This is not !" she thinks, "I can be his worker!"

She starts walking away when she she must tell him what she thinks. She stops, turns , opens her mouth to speak, and does not close it until everything is said .

The manager is surprised. But Abeni is more surprised. What about manners? How did she do a thing? This will be the . But then the manager suddenly for her. He asks her to sit down. He tries smile.

"I am going to be with you," he says. "I am very surprised. No one told this to me before. But the truth is that I feel . I could see you are a worker. I should not judge you your accent. There will be such discrimination in this firm. Abeni, please accept this position and work for ."

Abeni believe her ears. She feels very excited. She is very happy he her the job. But she is even more happy she spoke her mind!