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English Reading Practice – The Right to Life

Put in the correct words based on the story you have just read. Press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
a | about | accept | agreements | all | and | barbeque | best | business | cottage | deal | decides | end | everyone | Families | fight | for | forever | gatherings | government | him | in | is | lately | may | must | no | Only | opinion | owns | peacefully | place | probably | right | safety | so | solution | Some | souvenirs | talk | than | the | Then | thinks | to | tourists | up | war | well | will | write

Daniel is worried . Usually life is good him. He a nice little shop where he sells souvenirs to tourists. He lives in a nice with his wife and their three teenage kids. They have dog and a cat. They have a backyard for . They host all the family , and his wife's turkey is the in the country. What can be better that, right?

But lately not is well. There are dark clouds the sky. They about terror. They talk about . Something happen. The comfortable life as he knows them may be lost .

"War is not good," he . "War is bad for . If there is war no will come, and I won't be able to sell my . We will have money."

Then he thinks, " war creates fear. People will be scared. will see no future."

he thinks, "People will . People die. will be broken. No, war no good."

Daniel talks people about it. "We have the to life!" he says, "we have the right to live in freedom and in !"

"What are you talking ?" people tell . "War is a big . It is not to you. It is up to government. The knows what to do. the government can decide what is best. And if the government says that there be war, then it must be ."

Daniel does not this. "But isn't there a better ? All wars with agreements, can't we do the without the fighting? Can't the government solve this ? Isn't that the reason we have a government in the first ?"

Daniel to speak to people in his government. He decides to them and let them know what he thinks. He knows one does not matter much, but he also knows that if in his own country and on the other side do this, there will be no more wars.