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English Reading Practice – No Slavery

Put in the correct words based on the story you have just read. Press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
all | always | At | away | back | because | bully | cannot | cheering | close | courage | did | does | each | Elementary | enters | Even | failed | for | forward | free | freedom | grabs | ground | happens | He | in | is | kicks | kids | little | losing | lunch | martial arts | mess | month | Moreover | much | next | not | now | Oddly | old | older | pretend | pretty | quite | seriously | single | slave | Soon | steady | strong | stunned | stupid | Suddenly | than | though | too

Liam is ten years . He studies at Avalon School. He is popular and has good friends. the girls are nice to him, and the teachers are not bad.

There is one thing that really makes his life miserable. The school . His name is Grant and he is big and . He learns at the same class as Liam , but he is two years than everyone else.

Grant the bully makes Liam and other kids do his homework. He takes their . He even forces them to do things in front of teachers. They feel like his slaves because they must do what he tells them. They do not have any .

Everyone afraid of Grant. No one has the to do something about it, even the teachers. They that they do not notice!

One day, after his lunch and all of his pocket money, Liam decides he go on like this. He takes some classes. This makes him a braver. A of classes is not much, but it is better nothing, right?

The time Grant the bully shows up and Liam's bag, Liam stays . He takes his own bag . The minute Grant sends his fist , Liam jumps to the left and Grant in the legs.

Grant is . The kids around begin . Liam smiles for a second when a hard elbow hits him the shoulder. falls down on the ground and Grant jumps on top of him. They continue to hit other and fight.

the end, Grant wins. Liam is left lying on the , bruised and bleeding. He is not hurt, but he is disappointed. He wanted to be from Grant, and it seems that he .

The next day Liam the school with many bruises and swelling. He has his bag, but he knows that not long. Grant the bully will come and take it away.

he notices Grant. His body is bruised too. Grant has one look at Liam and then looks . Liam is surprised. He not expect this.

The next day the same thing . Grant continues to bully other kids, but he does not with Liam. enough, he does not mess with talking to Liam, too.

Liam is happy . He is no longer Grant's . He has his freedom. , he has more friends than ever. That is every kid who does not want Grant to bully him stays to Liam!