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English Reading Practice – No Torture

Put in the correct words based on the story you have just read. Press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
as if | at | bad | becomes | best | broken | coming | different | encourages | exam | explain | job | knows | listening | little by little | make fun | methods | names | new | openly | petition | principal | respect | secretly | self-respect | serious | silly | simply | sprayed | teacher | their | time | torture | treats | turns out | understand | upset | worse

Clay and his friends have a new . His name is Mr. Akers. When they meet Mr. Akers for the first , he seems very . He tells them that he bad things about them from other teachers. He tells them that with him it will be .

Clay and his friends do not . Yes, they can do things sometimes, but they are not kids.

During the school year, Mr. Akers to be a very different teacher. He has "special ."

If a student fails an , Mr. Akers makes fun of them in front of everyone.

If a student does not know the answer to a question, Mr. Akers calls them .

If a student asks too many questions, Mr. Akers laughs and turns his back.

Many students feel . They try to talk with Mr. Akers, but it seems that he gives them no . They feel that they are treated they have no value. They start to lose their own .

Some stop in class. Others even stop to class. A few get very mad the teacher. They cannot show their anger , so they do it .

One time the teacher's desk is found . Another time the board is all . Mr. Akers sees this and everything even worse.

Clay sees this too. He realizes it just gets worse and . He talks with his friends and they decide to make a and give it to the principal.

In the petition, they what happens in Mr. Akers classes. "He is our teacher and his is to help us, not to of us. We deserve respect too," they write.

The agrees with the students. "This is not teaching, this is !" he says. Mr. Akers leaves school. Clay and his friends get a teacher!

The new teacher them with respect and tries to help them. He them. He knows this is the way to teach. It is not easy, but , things get back to normal at the school.