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English Reading Practice – The Right to Trial

Put in the correct words based on the story you have just read. Press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
are | arrest | as | better | breathes | cannot | court | decided | explain | explains | found | guilty | his | innocent | is | jail | keep | later | lawyer | not | objectively | public | put | quickly | respond | runs | scared | so | these | think | toward | trial | until | well | What | will | worry | wrong | yet

Malcolm in the wrong place at the time. He walks a store to buy a drink and he hears gunfire. He gets and he runs away from the sound fast as he can.

When the police to the gunfire, they see Malcolm as he from the scene. They stop him and him.

Malcolm is , but he does not speak English , and he is scared, he cannot his side of the story to the police officers.

They think he is so they take him to jail. Malcolm loses hope. He thinks he stay in jail forever. He knows they he is guilty of something very bad.

Then Malcolm's comes to talk to him. He tells Malcolm not to , that they will work everything out at .

"Trial?" Malcolm says, " trial?"

His lawyer , "Malcolm, you are not guilty . You have the right to a trial. The law says that you are innocent you are found guilty in a of law."

"But people," Malcolm says, "they put me in . They already I was guilty!"

"Yes, they you in jail, but they cannot you there. And they decide you are guilty. They must prove you did it," lawyer explains. "Do worry, Malcolm. You innocent."

Malcolm a sigh of relief. He feels .

A few months , Malcolm goes to court, and he is not guilty!