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English Reading Practice – The Right to Public Assembly

Put in the correct words based on the story you have just read. Press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
a | after | all | and | answers | away | back | beside | can | choose | come | decides | explanation | for | from | gym | here | is | it | leads | like | looks | Mr | nervously | not | of | one | out | peaceful | principal | school | sit | someone | students | Sweet | the | This | to | Williams | you

Miss Adams is a new teacher at High School. Parents do not like Miss Adams. She very young. She dresses, talks, and acts a lot the students. This makes the parents angry.

However, the really like Miss Adams, and they learn a lot her.

Still, the parents complain, and the high school not to hire Miss Adams back for a second year.

The students are very upset. They talk about at lunch. Susanna, a sophomore, says, "Let's have a -in!"

Her friend Ashley says, "What is sit-in?"

Susanna , "We all gather and sit together peacefully in show support."

Ashley asks, "What does that do?"

Susanna answers, "It to change, because we do not leave until notices!"

Ashley says, "Oh, cool! Let's do it!"

So, students gather the next day after school in the and they all sit together quietly.

Mr. Sweet, of the teachers, asks them for an . Susanna speaks the group. "Miss Adams is a good teacher. We to sit here together until she gets her job ."

Mr. Sweet laughs quietly and walks . Not long , the principal walks into the gym. "You kids get of here this instant!"

Susanna speaks up again, "With due respect sir, we cannot do that. We ask to please give Miss Adams her job back."

"Absolutely . You kids go home. You cannot just sit here. is public property."

Some of the students move around , but Susanna quickly answers, "Sir, we have the right to public assembly. This is a protest."

"She's right," . Sweet interrupts. "They do have the right to gather , and I think I should join them." Then Mr. takes a seat and joins the students.

The principal frustrated. Then another teacher walks in and sits Mr. Sweet. Then a third teacher does the same.

The sighs, "Fine. You make your point. I will speak Miss Adams in the morning and invite her to back next year." He turns around, scratches his head, walks away saying, "A peaceful public assembly – what you say to that?"