A Tale of Two Jackets

Fill in the Blanks Exercise

Fill in all the blanks, then press "Check" to check your answers. Below is a list of all your options.
   bartender      digs through      dress shirt      ID      jerks up      landlord      lingering      rack      slides off      swap      trades   
1. Can you hang your coat on the coat ?
2. There is a problem with the roof. Call the .
3. Janet her pockets to find her keys.
4. A is more formal than a t-shirt.
5. His head as soon as he hears his name.
6. She left, but her perfume still in the room.
7. The policeman asked to see my .
8. It is hot, so Bob his jacket.
9. Let's places.
10. The fills my glass fully.
11. He lands for money.