The Show Must Go On – Part A

Fill in the Blanks Exercise

Fill in all the blanks, then press "Check" to check your answers. Below is a list of all your options.
   after-party      bar      comfort      coordinator      drama      glance      mannerisms      outreach      outreach coordinator      pasture      rush      shrine      sprint      thread      TV studio   
1. After the play, there is a small .
2. He recognized me with a single .
3. She puts a or two of black hair behind her ear.
4. We saw many famous people in the .
5. Let’s meet at the for a drink.
6. Her son is the only thing that gives her in her illness.
7. This actress took many lessons.
8. The son has the same as his father.
9. We need a to coordinate all the activities.
10. They make efforts to expand the to new people.
11. The organized a beautiful event for new people.
12. Cows like to eat and relax at the .
13. During the tennis match, he always feels a strong .
14. He comes to the every day and prays.
15. After a short , she slows down to a walk.