The Show Must Go On – Part C

Fill in the Blanks Exercise

Fill in all the blanks, then press "Check" to check your answers. Below is a list of all your options.
   argues      busy      caress      clench      coos      cry      glare      nod      phenomenal      run off      slam      snap      speak up      swing   
1. "There is no reason to do this!" she .
2. "Don’t be afraid," Sam .
3. Suddenly the windows open.
4. Jonathan and Magen themselves with books.
5. Janet’s fingers her husband’s face.
6. They are so angry that they their fists.
7. "Don’t go there!" I .
8. She will be very sad to hear this and will .
9. I’m very angry, but all I do is at him.
10. "Yes, I’ll come!" I .
11. Stop the thief! He may with the money.
12. Dan will his glass on the table and leave.
13. "Stop telling me what to do!" I .
14. They cannot take it any longer, so they will about their working conditions.
15. This singer has a success.