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All the Progressive Tenses Combined Exercise

Past Progressive, Present Progressive or Future Progressive?

Change the verb into the correct form, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
Amy (sit) at her desk. She (try) to study, but she can't concentrate. Her sister Alexis is in the room with her, and she (listen) to loud music.

Amy : "What (you do)? Why (you play) the music so loud?"

Alexis: "I (listen) to the Black Lizards! I can't enjoy their music otherwise! I (have) so much fun!"

Amy: "Alexis, I (try) to study. I (prepare) for an important exam, and I (not have) fun at all! Can't you put your headphones on or something like that?"

Alexis: "No, I can't."

Amy: "Why?!"

Alexis: "I (go) to tell you why. A week ago, at the same time exactly, you (study) for an exam, and I (enjoy) myself and (listen) to music. Then, while I (have) so much fun you stopped the music and told me to put on my headphones. I did just that, and since then I can hardly hear anything!"

Amy: "Why is that, Alexis?"

Alexis: "It's because I put on the headphones while the music (still play)! It was so loud I nearly got deaf! I (not go) to put on the headphones ever again."

Amy: "Alexis, you (exaggerate)! That's not what happened at all. And I (watch) you over the past week. Your hearing is just fine."

Alexis: "Well, I (still not go) to put on my headphones."

Amy: "Okay, Alexis. I will remember that. But do you know what (go) to happen? In a week from now, you (go) to have an exam. You (sit) in this room, (try) to study. And do you know what (I go) to do? I (enjoy) myself, and (listen) to music!"

Alexis: "Ok, Amy. I will turn off my music. But just so you know, I don't have any upcoming exams…"

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