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English Verb Tenses Made Simple Course, Verb Tenses Final Review

Tony the Detective and Fuji the Magician, Part 1

Change the verb into the correct form, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
Tony (be) a detective. He (work) very hard to find criminals and bring them to court.

Today he (face) an especially difficult case. Last night Fuji, the famous magician, (perform) one of his popular magic tricks when suddenly the lights (go off).

The magician (not understand) that. It (be) not part of the magic.

When the lights (come back), he (be) amazed to discover that his audience (disappear)!

Now he (sit) next to Tony, (drink) a glass of water. They (be) in a hospital. Tony (want) to know what really (happen).

"Fuji," Tony (say), "tell me the truth. What really (happen) last night?"

"I honestly (not know)." Fuji (put down) his glass of water. "I (be) afraid. I (perform) as a magician for years. I (have) a lot of experience, but this (never happen) to me. I (always fear) that something like that might happen, but it (never happen) before."

"And you know," he (add) suddenly, "I can tell you it (never happen) again. I (not perform) anymore. I (be) supposed to participate in a contest of magic next month, but tomorrow I (cancel) it. The prize (be) 100,000 dollars, but I (be) just too afraid…"

" (you notice) anything strange before your show (start)?" Tony (ask).

"Hmm," Fuji (think), "Actually, there (be) something strange. Just before I (enter) the hall I (notice) that someone (spray) the stage for quite a while. I (not see) anyone, but I (see) a cloud in the air, and I could smell it."

"Interesting," Tony (say). "I (need) to inform my team. What (you do) tomorrow at 10 AM?"

"I (pack) my stuff," Fuji (answer), "Why?"

"Because I (need) you to meet me at the hall. I (have) a feeling that by tomorrow, 10:00 AM, we (solve) the case."

Fuji (be) surprised. "What (make) you say that?"

Tony (smile) and (answer): "I (just got) an important clue, and by tomorrow 10:00 AM I (work) on it for enough time to get it solved. I (see) you then!"

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