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English Verb Tenses Made Simple Course, Final Test

Tony the Detective and Fuji the Magician, Part 2

Change the verb into the correct form, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
It (be) 9:59 in the morning, and Fuji (wait) for Tony inside the hall. He (be) confused.

At 10:00 sharp Tony (show up). He (smile). "Hello, Fuji. What (you do) until now?"

"I (pack) my stuff, but now I (be) finished," Fuji (answer). " (you discover) the truth by now?"

"Yes, I (discover) the truth. While you (pack), my team and I (check out) a very important clue. I (tell) them what you (tell) me. (you remember)? You (tell) me that someone (spray) the stage for quite some time with this strange substance," Tony (explain).

"That (be) correct," the magician (agree), "When I (arrive) to the hall I (notice) that someone (spray) the stage for quite a while."

"Alright then," Tony (continue) his explanation, "Shortly you (understand) everything."

"Really?" Fuji (be) surprised.

Tony: "Yes. By the time we finish this conversation you (understand) everything. But first, let me ask you a few questions. My first question (be): what (you remember) about that night?"

Fuji: "As I (say), I (perform) my regular magic trick when the lights (go off). When they (be) back on, I (notice) that my audience (disappear)! I (be) shocked. I (faint). When I (wake up), I (lie) in a hospital, and you (sit) next to me."

Tony: "Okay. What (you decide) after the incident?"

Fuji: "I (decide) that I (not perform) anymore. You know, I (think) that in a week from now, I (rest) in my garden, away from all of this mess."

Tony: "Hmm. How long (you rest)?"

Fuji: "I believe I (rest) for a few months at least…"

Tony: "For a few months… Then in a few months time you (rest) for quite a while… How convenient…"

Fuji: " (you mean), Detective?"

Tony: "I (be) straight with you. Here (be) what really (happen) that night:

You (arrive) to give your usual show, but someone (prepare) a trap.

While you (perform) your first magic trick, the lights (go off). When they (be) back on, it (seem) that your audience (disappear). Only that they (not disappear). They (remain) in the hall. You (have) an illusion.

Someone (spray) the stage with a toxic drug. That toxic drug (make) you see your worst nightmare. You (always fear) this might happen, and the drug (make) you think you actually (see) it.

You (be) shocked. You (faint). When you (wake up) you (decide) not to perform again.

You (not participate) in the contest next month. Since you (be) the best magician around, someone else (get) the money. Now that (be) very convenient."

Fuji: "Tony, (you say) that I (imagine) it all? It (not really happen)? The audience safe and well?"

Tony: "Yes, my friend. Now, as soon as you (tell) me about the spray we (check) your competitors for leftovers of that spray. Finally, we (find) him. The guy who (do) this to you (be) indeed one of your competitors. We (have) him now."

Fuji: "Wow, Detective. I (not know) what to say…"

Tony: "Say you (participate) in the contest next month."

Fuji: "I (participate) in the contest next month. And… thank you. Thank you for your work."

Tony and Fuji (shake) hands. Tony (be) happy. He (solve) another case.

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