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Gerunds and Infinitives – Final Test

A gerund or an infinitive? Change the verb in brackets into the correct form (note that in some cases both forms can be correct). Press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
1. You anticipated (sell) that house.
2. We are always happy (help).
3. We are dedicated to (change) how things work.
4. We are going (bowl) tomorrow night.
5. We are really excited about (climb) that mountain.
6. They are going (camp) next week.
7. The beep sound reminded me (turn off) the washing machine.
8. The teacher doesn't permit (speak) in class.
9. We waited (see) the doctor.
10. We are very happy about you (get) a new job.
11. He forgot (turn off) the toaster, and the whole house burned down.
12. He promised (finish) his chores.
13. I need (talk) with you.
14. I advised her (have) some soup.
15. He is responsible for (paint) all the buildings.
16. He leaned against the wall (smile) at her.
17. They avoid (visit) us.
18. Ashley recalled (not lock) the door.
19. I didn't have any problems (find) a replacement.
20. They decided (cook) some rice.
21. I urge you (start).
22. The officer ordered him (stop).
23. You mentioned (take) a break.
24. Their goal (bring) peace gave hope to everyone.
25. I am good enough (pass) the audition.
26. He started (shout) at his friends.
27. I am shocked (see) these two together.
28. He decided (not run) for president.
29. They kept (talk).
30. I am sorry (say) this, but I won't go.
31. Jack completed (fix) the car.
32. It was difficult (obtain) his permission.
33. I appreciate you (help) me.
34. They are beginning (sing).
35. My memories of (travel) are well recorded in my albums.
36. They would like us (show) them our products.
37. I dreaded (take) that trip.
38. I don't mind (go) with you.
39. He claimed (be) a Romeo.
40. She can't help (be) so charming.

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