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Exercise – Fill in the Correct Pronoun

Choose the most suitable pronoun for each gap, and then press "Check" to check your answers.
Emily sits by her desk. studies for an exam. Actually, forces to study for that exam, since she really wants to do is go outside and play soccer!

Her friend Kelly is by her window. throws a little stone at it and then calls, "Is there home?"

"Yes, am here!" Emily answers. " is so unfair! want to be outside with and not here with these boring booklets!"

" you are doing with these boring booklets, should come out and play with !" Kelly calls back.

"I can’t do ," Emily says sadly. "This exam of is tomorrow, so now need to study for ." She takes the stone that Kelly threw in, and sends flying outside. Then closes the window. knows that else studied already, and now of them are playing outside.

"Well," she thinks to , " is my test, and I have to study for it. know that Kelly wants to help , but not this time. can help with other things."

takes another look at her two booklets. tries to read a page of the first booklet, and then a page of the . are boring.

" of you are interesting!" she tells them seriously.

"What can do?" she thinks to . "I really had enough!"

Suddenly, a great idea comes to her mind. " know!" she calls, "I’ll make a drawing of I read! I like to draw, and drawings will make interesting!"

She grabs her pencil and happily begins to draw.

and more is drawn on her notebook, and after two hours she finishes her booklets.

She is tired but happy, and can finally go out to play.

"Where is ?" she asks . Emily notices it is dark already. "I guess they went home . . ."

Suddenly rings her doorbell. are Kelly and the rest of her friends. are tired and they want to watch a movie together.

Emily is very happy. She can now enjoy a movie with her friends!

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