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Flying Cars

Isn't it about time for a flying car?
Just imagine, you wake up in the morning, get ready for school or work, and then get into your flying car, start and take off... While everyone else is stuck in traffic, you are flying above the road!
The conclusion? A flying car could be quite handy, can't it?

Well, a company named Terrafugia Inc. is preparing to sell just that.

The prototype has already flown its successful first journey.

The item is a 2-seat flying car with folding wings, and it's called Transition.

What's special about this car?

Well, it serves two purposes:

- Traveling on the road, so it has proper wheels, airbags and so forth.
- Flying in the sky, so it has retractable airplane wings, with which it can cruise at the speed of 115 mph (miles per hour).

Transition uses unleaded automotive fuel, which can be obtained at the nearby gas station.

There are people who have already paid the initial $10,000 to get a Transition when they enter the market. What's the full price? Only $279,000...

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