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A Very Important Game

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Darlene is upset

Duke is watching a basketball game on TV. He is paying very close attention to the game. His favorite team, The Celtics, is losing to the Bulls.

Darlene, Duke's wife, is having a bad day. She is trying to talk to him about it.

"Honey, I am feeling very stressed out."

"Okay. Wow! Are you watching this? The Celtics are really trying to lose this game!"

"Um, honey? Are you listening to me?"

"Yes. Of course I am listening to you. I am listening to you and watching the game at the same time."

"Duke! You are not listening to me!" Darlene is getting frustrated with her sports-loving husband.

"I am listening, Darlene. What is stressing you out?"

"My job is stressing me out. I am thinking about quitting."

"Okay. Are you watching? The Celtics are missing every shot!"

"I am trying to talk to you. I am thinking about quitting my job. What about paying the bills? What are you thinking about?"


"Okay? Okay, what?"

"Okay. Good."

Darlene is getting mad now. Why is her husband ignoring her? "Fine!" She is shouting now. Duke is still staring at the TV. "Fine! Okay! I am quitting my job. And I am never paying another bill. I am letting you pay all the bills from now on! I am walking toward the door!"

"Where are you going?" Duke is still staring at the TV.

"I am doing the only thing I can to get your attention. I am driving to Boston. I am trying out for the Celtics!"


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