Answers to Common Questions in English

Even if you know a lot of English, it is sometimes hard to think of answers to common questions in daily conversations. In this lesson, we will give you simple answers to ten common questions in English.

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

We ask questions to get information. If you want to learn more about asking questions in English, you can read this lesson: Asking Questions in English.

In this lesson, we will give you answers to ten everyday questions in English. These questions and answers can help you in daily conversations at school and work. You can also use these questions and answers when traveling to the United States.

Where are you from?ladies talking

  • I am from _______ (Japan, the Philippines, Mexico).

  • I grew up in _______.

  • I come from _______.

Where do you live?

  • I live in _______ (New York, those apartments, my parent's house).

  • I live at _______ (your address).

Are you married?

  • I have been married for _____ years.

  • I am single.

  • I am divorced.

  • I have a boyfriend / girlfriend / fiance.

  • I am getting married in _____ (June, 2016, April, two months).

  • No, but I'm in a relationship.

  • I am not married.

father and son
Do you have any children?

  • I have ______ children (two, three, five).

  • I have one child.

  • I have a daughter.

  • I have ____ daughters and ____ sons.

  • No, I do not have any children.

What time is it?

  • It is four o'clock.

  • It is half past three. (3:30)

  • It is a quarter to five. (4:45)

  • I'm sorry. I don't know.

  • It is noon. (12:00 pm)

How's the weather?

  • It is a beautiful day.

  • It is raining.

  • It is cold.

  • The sun is shining.

  • It is hot and windy.

  • It is cloudy.

What do you do? (What is your job?)

  • I am a student.

  • I work at _________ (a school, First National Bank, the church).

  • I am unemployed. (I do not have a job.)

  • I am a __________ (doctor, teacher, driver, librarian).

  • I am a stay-at-home mom. (I don't have a job because I stay home to raise my children.)

  • I work from home.

  • I am between jobs. 

    (Being "between jobs" means that you are not working, but you are looking for a new job.)

How are you? How was your day? How do you do?

  • I am fine. (This means everything is okay.)

  • I am wonderful! Thanks for asking! (This means everything is great!)

  • Not bad. (This means everything is okay.)

  • I have had a busy day.friends

  • It has been a difficult day.

  • I'm okay.

After you answer the question, it is polite to ask the speaker the same question.
  • I am fine. How are you?

  • I am wonderful! How are you?

  • Not bad. How are you?  / How was your day?

  • I have had a busy day? How have you been?

  • It has been a difficult day. How was your day?

  • I'm okay. How do you do?

Why are you studying English?

Everyone has a reason for learning English! What is your Reason to Learn English?
  • I love learning new languages. 

  • I want to travel. 

  • To travel.

  • I love English!

  • I am studying English for work.

  • For work.

  • I want to live in ________.

  • To get a better job.

Where did you study English?

  • I studied English at the

  • I studied English in ________.

  • I studied English at ________.

  • I learned on the Internet.

  • My mother taught me.

  • I taught myself.

  • I learned at home. 

  • I watched movies.

  • My friend taught me.

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