Bonuses for Buyers

Bonuses for buyers

Did you buy a book (or books) from the Really Learn English Store?

Then you can get a free bonus by spreading the word!

Really Learn English offers exclusive resources for teachers, not available anywhere else.

You can help other teachers by telling them about our products and sending them to the Really Learn English Online Store.

For every two people who purchase a product – you get a free bonus. The bonus is a useful teaching resource, not available anywhere else. It is not even available for purchase. But you can get it completely free of charge.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Help spreading the word. Tell others about the products of Really Learn English.

  2. When two people you referred have bought a product, let us know about it using this form: Contact Us. Make sure to include their names.

  3. Phrasal verbs bookletWe will send you your free bonus free of charge! The bonus for the first two people you refer who buy is the booklet: Phrasal Verbs with "Look," Story and Exercises.

    Use it to teach common phrasal verbs with "look" in an easy, step-by-step approach.

    The booklet (21 pages) includes:
  • Rules, definitions, and a summary table for four common phrasal verbs with the word "look."

  • Exercises to practice the phrasal verbs.

  • A specially designed story to practice the phrasal verbs

  • An Answer sheet
  1. Would you like to earn money by sending people to the Really Learn English Store? Then you can join the Really Learn English Affiliate Program.

    An affiliate is a person who after using a product and being happy with the results refers other people to that product. He then earns money in the form of commissions.

Let us know if you have any questions – Contact Us.

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