Difference between DID and HAVE

by Hari

I have a confusion regarding using DID and HAVE.

For example:

"Did you finish your homework?"
(Positive sentence: "You finished your homework.")


"Have you finished your homework?"
(Positive sentence: "You have finished your homework.")

Some of my friends told that both are same.

Some others said both are different. Can you clarify this doubt?

Thank you.



You are not alone in this doubt. :)

Many find this issue confusing.

I'll try to make it clearer:

"I ate an apple," simply means you ate an apple in the past.

"I have eaten an apple," basically means the same thing.

The difference is that here you emphasize the fact that NOW the action is complete.

This is why this tense is called the present perfect – it tells us that the action is now complete.

Here is another example:

"They sold the house."

This sentence means they sold the house in the past.

"They have sold the house."

This sentence emphasizes the fact that now the house is sold.

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