Each – Singular or Plural?

by Shevonne Lowe
(Gingerland, Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis)

How is the word, "each" used correctly in sentences?

For example, "Each of the students complete/completes their homework on time"?


There are several rules on this.

First of all, "each" means you are talking about every one of a group, separately.

1) When used before a singular noun, "each" takes a singular verb.


Each worker received a raise.

Each apple is red and shiny.

Each athlete will get his or her score.

(You could also say: Each athlete will get their score.)

2) When used after a plural subject, "each" takes a plural verb.


They each have children.

Bob and Margaret each work late.

The bananas are 40 cents each.

3) "Each of" (or "each one of") takes a singular verb.


Each of the children gets a gift.

Each of the cookies is delicious.

Each one of the cars was blue.

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