English Adjective Phrases

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What is an adjective phrase?

An adjective phrase is a group of words in a sentence that acts like an adjective.

A word or group of words


For example, you could say, "Lisa is an experienced teacher."

In this sentence the word experienced is an adjective. It describes Lisa.

You could replace experienced with a group of words (a phrase) and say, "Lisa is a teacher with a lot of experience."

With a lot of experience is a phrase (a group of words without a finite verb), and it functions as an adjective in the sentence. It describes Lisa.

So we call it an adjective phrase.

Additional adjective phrase examples (the adjective phrase is bold):

English Adjective Phrases
  • The man by the car is my father.

  • My grandfather is a man of great wisdom.

  • Tom is a man with good instincts.

  • She brought a cake made of nuts and fruit.

  • His friends are sailors living on the sea.

  • The name of the city is La Plata.

  • They are a couple with no children.

  • The price of the boots was too high.

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