English Reading Practice

Human Right Number 13:
Freedom to Move

1. Watch the video at the top of the page.

2. Read the story "Freedom to Move" just below it.

3. Do the exercise at the bottom of the page.

Here is the Freedom to Move video. You can watch it in your own language at www.youthforhumanrights.org. (Simply click the word "language" at the top of their homepage.)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights describes 30 basic rights that each person has, simply because he or she is human.

This is human right number 13 (the simplified version):

"13. Freedom to Move. We all have the right to go where we want in our own country and to travel as we wish."

Now read the short story about this important human right.

Freedom to Move  

Denise works for a credit card company. Her office is in York, the small town where Denise grew up.

After Denise works there for several years, her company offers her a promotion. The new job is in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is more than a thousand miles away. But, the new job pays more and is more exciting.

Denise does not even have to think about it. She says, "Yes, I will take it!"

Her mother is shocked. "Denise, how can you just move like that?" she asks.

Denise's friends are shocked too. "Why do you want to move halfway across the country?" they ask.

Denise does not understand their surprise. "This is a great opportunity," she explains. "I do not have to live here. I have the freedom to move wherever I want to. If this job is not wonderful, I can move again!"

Denise does move. She does take the job. And she loves it. She is grateful that she has the right to move around and to live anywhere!

And now, practice:

Exercise 01

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