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Pakistan is a country in Asia that is between India and Afghanistan. It also borders China. "Border" means that it sits next to that country.

Pakistan is a Muslim country that has almost 200 million people. The official language of Pakistan is called Urdu, but many people also speak other languages including English.

The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. Pakistan is one of the oldest countries in the world.


History of Pakistan

Pakistan is located in an area of Asia called the Indus Valley. It is believed to be over 5000 years old. There have been many different people who have lived in the area over its history. This includes Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Afghans, and Turks.

The Arabs who travelled to Pakistan brought with them their religion, Islam, which is still today the official religion of the country.

In the 16th to 17th centuries, Pakistan was ruled by a government called the Mughal Empire. After that, the British Empire ruled the area including Pakistan's neighbor, India. Pakistan has been an independent country since 1947.

Today, it is called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and is ruled by a President and Prime Minister.

Culture of Pakistan

Thanks to the many different people who have lived in Pakistan over its history, Pakistan has a rich culture still today.

Today, there are many different ethnic groups that live in Pakistan. An "ethnic group" is a group of people that has their own history, clothing,  food, language, and religion.

In addition to the different ethnic groups, the culture of Islam has greatly influenced Pakistani culture. Pakistan is home to many Islamic centers but also has many temples and buildings from other religions.

A mosque

Pakistani national clothings were influenced by the Persians and Mughal Empire of the 16th century. The Shalwar Qameez is a tunic (a long shirt) with a pair of pants. Both men and women wear this outfit. Men's clothes are usually only one color with little decoration. Women wear very colorful and decorated Shalwar Qameez.

Summer clothing is made of cotton to keep cool. Winter clothing is made of wool for warmth.

Festivals of Pakistan

Pakistan celebrates many festivals throughout the year. A "festival" is a large celebration. Many of these festivals are religious but there are some national festivals as well.

For Muslim Pakistanis, Ramadan is an important festival. Ramadan is believed by Muslims to be the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and attend mosque. A "mosque" is a religious building for Muslims.


Eid is celebrated at the end of Ramadan. During the day, people visit their families, give gifts to each other and to charity, and relax.

Pakistani Christians celebrate Christmas on the 24th and 25th of December.

Pakistani Hindus celebrate Holi, which is a festival of colors that usually occurs in the spring.

Independence Day is celebrated on the 14th of August. Government and businesses are closed and there are many street parties. During the day, there are many concerts, parades, and parties. At night, there are usually fireworks.

And now, practice:

Pakistan - Exercises

Vocabulary Questions

1. What does "border" mean?

a) lie next to

b) have the same government

c) have similar cultures

d) have the same population

2. What is an "ethnic group"?

a) a large group of people

b) a small group of people

c) a group of many different people

d) a group of people with the same traditions and religion

3. What is a "festival"?

a) a holiday

b) a large celebration

c) a kind of food

d) a kind of dress

Grammar Questions

1. Pakistan is located ________ the Indus Valley

a) at

b) in

c) on

d) through

2. Pakistan is one of ________ oldest countries in ________ world.

a) the...the

b) the...a

c) a...the

d) a...a

3. Independence Day is celebrated ________ the 14th of August.

a) at

b) in

c) on

d) through

Comprehension Questions

1. What is the official language of Pakistan?


2. What is the official religion of Pakistan?


3. When is Pakistani Independence Day?


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