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Run and Play

Lisa returns home. She cannot believe her eyes!

Her kids, Amy and Ben, are in the living room. They run around the big and expensive table and shout. This game is enjoyed by them very much.


Lisa stands and looks at them. This is what she sees and hears:

Ben is asked to wait for Amy, but he does not wait. He continues to run. So Amy's request is changed. Now Ben is asked to help Amy. Ben stops and Amy is helped. (Lisa is impressed!)

Now Lisa is invited to join them. "Yes, mummy! Come and join us!" Amy and Ben shout.

So Amy and Ben are joined by Lisa. They run and play. This game is enjoyed very much by all of them. Amy kisses Ben. Ben kisses Amy. Then Lisa is kissed, too.

Now Lisa wants to rest, so she goes into her bedroom. But there are many things on her bed. They are moved by the kids. A blanket is needed and Lisa receives it. She now sleeps in her bed. Amy and Ben are at home, so they are protected by their loving mother.

But, wait! What is that terrible mess? Oh no, the big and expensive table is smashed! Well, the table was not so protected . . .


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Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

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English Short Stories

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