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Meredith's Day

 Woman in the office

Meredith likes routines! Her office is very organized, and so is her life!

She always gets up at 6:00am. If her alarm doesn't ring, she still gets up! She is very used to getting up at this time of day.

Her roommate, Kelly, gets up early, too. If Kelly makes coffee, Meredith makes the oatmeal. But, whenever Kelly has a day off, she sleeps until 7:30am. So, every time Kelly has a day off, Meredith makes the coffee.

When Meredith gets to the office, she says hello to her receptionist. Her receptionist's name is Bill, and he is also very organized. Bill gives Meredith a list of tasks for the day when she arrives. He also gives her a list of calls.

If there are any calls to return, Meredith does this first. She doesn't like to keep people waiting!

The only problem is, she goes to work so early that usually no one is in their office yet! Well, maybe she'll have another coffee first. Then she'll make all those phone calls!


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English Short Stories

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