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Quite the Pep Talk!

The coach 

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Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

The buzzer is sounding. The coach is walking toward the locker room. The teammates are looking at one another. Then they are following him.

"Kids, you are playing a great game," the coach is saying.

The basketball players are looking at each other, a little confused.

"You are playing well. You are working hard. You are feeling tired. But we are losing this game. We are not working hard enough."

One of the players in the back of the room is laughing quietly.

"Are you laughing? Nothing funny is happening right now!" The coach is getting upset. His voice is getting louder. "Now, Peter, you are not shooting the ball enough. Dale, you are passing the ball well, but you are not passing often enough."

Suddenly, more than a few of the players are laughing at the coach.
"Why are you laughing?" The coach is looking around the locker room, waiting for an answer.

No one is answering.

"Fine. We are going out there and finishing this game! Ready?"

The coach is heading for the door. The players are following. They are leaving the locker room. The coach is expecting lots of cheers from the crowd. He is not hearing them though. He is looking around.

Then he is turning around and looking at his players. "Guys? Why are all
the fans leaving? Is the game over?"

"That's right, coach," Peter is smiling. He is enjoying this. "The good
news is we are not losing... The bad news is we already lost!"


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English Short Stories

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