Has, Has Been & Had Been

by Vijay

Where should we use "has" or "has been" or "had been" in a conversation?

Hi Vijay,

You should use them according to their meanings.

First, check out the meanings of "has" (have).

Here are some examples:


- She has a new hat. (= She owns a new hat)

- She has eaten lunch already. (= She completed eating lunch already)

Has been

- They have been married for 30 years. (= Their marriage lasted for the last 30 years)

- We have been waiting since 2 o'clock. (= The waiting lasted since 2 o'clock)

Had been

- He had been very tired before he fell asleep. (First he was tired, and then he fell asleep)

- She had been watching movies until the phone rang. (First, she was watching movies, and then the phone rang.)

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