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Lesson 06

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Online Lesson 06

In the previous lessons we went over the verb DO and its basic meanings.

In this lesson we will start going over the verb DO as a helping verb.


A reminder:

What is a helping verb
(also called an auxiliary verb)?

A helping verb is a verb we use together with another verb (called the main verb of the sentence) to express an action or a state.

Helping verb + Main verb = Complete idea

Here are some examples:
(Helping verbs are red, main verbs are purple)

  • We can talk now.

  • She must return home.

  • You should know about it.

  • I am reading.

  • They are walking to school.

  • Kathy is jumping.

  • Robert is hit by the ball.

  • Some juice is drunk by Scott.

The verb DO as a helping verb

Quick note:

In the simple present tense the verb DO has these two forms:

  • I, you, we, they => do

  • She, he, it => does

We will use these forms in our examples and exercises.

1. Negative sentences

We use the helping verb DO before a main verb to make negative sentences.

Here is how we do it:

Subject + DO + NOT + main verb + the rest of the sentence


Joe and Kate do not work here.

You can also combine DO and NOT into one short form:

DO + NOT = Don't


Joe and Kate don't work here.


Here are some more examples:

They do not talk.

They don't talk.

Online Lesson 06



He does not stop.

He doesn't stop.

Online Lesson 06


They do not work.

They don't work.

Online Lesson 06



She does not play baseball.

She doesn't play baseball.

Online Lesson 06


I do not shoot.

I don't shoot.

Online Lesson 06



He does not know what to do.

He doesn't know what to do.

Online Lesson 06       

Tim and Amy do not play cards.

Tim and Amy don't play cards.

Online Lesson 06


The computer does not work.

The computer doesn't work.

Online Lesson 06


I do not know what to say.

I don't know what to say.

Online Lesson 06


Jack does not feel so good.

Jack doesn't feel so good.

  Online Lesson 06                  

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