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Lesson 12

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Online Lesson 12

In the previous lesson we started going over the verb HAVE.

In this lesson we will continue to do so.


The verb HAVE

Quick note:

In the simple present tense the verb HAVE has these two forms:

  • I, you, we, they => have

  • She, he, it => has

We will use these forms in our examples and exercises.

Now, before going over HAVE as a helping verb, it's important to go over some of its other basic meanings.

In this lesson we will cover a few additional important meanings of the verb HAVE.


The meanings of the verb HAVE:

4. To experience something

I have a lot of fun.

Online Lesson 12

He has some difficulties. Online Lesson 12

She may have an accident. Online Lesson 12

Have a good time! Online Lesson 12

5. To eat, drink or smoke something

They have some breakfast.

Online Lesson 12


He has a big sandwich.

 Online Lesson 12       


He has a cup of coffee.

 Online Lesson 12       


You have a cigarette.

 Online Lesson 12       

6. To do some action

He has a look.

 Online Lesson 12


I have long walks.

Online Lesson 12


They have a talk.

Online Lesson 12


He has a short nap.

Online Lesson 12


7. To receive something

I usually have many letters.

Online Lesson 12


Yes, you can have your racket.

Online Lesson 12     


I want to have some answers from you!

Online Lesson 12


We have some help from Jane.

Online Lesson 12     

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