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Lesson 14

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Online Lesson 14

In the previous lesson we learned how to use the helping verb HAVE to show completion. 

In this lesson we will learn how to use HAVE to show that an action started in the past and continued until some point.

The verb HAVE

Quick note:

In the simple present tense the verb HAVE has these two forms:

  • I, you, we, they => have

  • She, he, it => has

We will use these forms in our examples and exercises.

The verb HAVE as a helping verb:

2. The action continued before it was complete

The helping verb HAVE is used to show that an action started in the past, and continued up until the present.

To do that, we add the helping verb be, in its third form: been.







In addition, the main verb ends in ING. For example, walk => walking

Here is how we do it:

Subject + have + been + main verb + the rest of the sentence


I have been walking for an hour.

Online Lesson 14                            

Here are some more examples:

Megan has been reading for hours.

Online Lesson 14


Robert has been waiting for the past 30 minutes.

    Online Lesson 14



He has been yelling like that since he got here.

Online Lesson 14



I have been working in this place for over 20 years, so I want to try something new.

Online Lesson 14


I feel pretty tired since we have been traveling all night.

Online Lesson 14

3. To show something was happening lately

We also use this structure to show that something was happening lately.

Lately, you have been eating a lot of ice cream.

Online Lesson 14


Melissa has been working very hard recently.

Online Lesson 14


Marge and Tim have been fighting often in the last month.

Online Lesson 14 


Lately, Ashley has been exercising.

Online Lesson 14   

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