"I am hungry myself"

by Abdou

Happy new year Ola,

I didn't understand this expression:

"I am hungry myself"

and I don't even know if it is correct or not.
I have read it in a book.

Please Ola, if it is correct, try to give me a little explanation or tell me when I have to use it.

Thank you, and enjoy your time.

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Jan 04, 2011
Ola Zur
by: Answer

Hi Abdou,

Happy New Year to you too :)

The expression "I am hungry myself" is correct.

In this sentence the word "myself" has a different meaning.

It is simply used to emphasize the word "I".

In other words:

"I am hungry myself" = "I am hungry"

Here are some other examples:

I was thinking about it myself.
("Myself" emphasizes the word "I")

My husband likes jogging, but I myself have never enjoyed it.
("Myself" emphasizes the word "I")

She herself is sorry, but her family is not.
("Herself" emphasizes the word "she")

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