I or ME? Which Is the Correct Pronoun to Use?

Should I use "I" or "me" in this sentence:

"Jack is older than (I or me)."

And why?

Ola's answer:

Grammatically speaking, the correct pronoun is I, not me.

"I" is used when the speaker does the action.

"Me" is used when the speaker "receives" the action. (Meaning, the action happen to him, or for him.)

For example:

"I hit the ball."

Here the speaker does the action, so we use I.

"The ball hit me."

Here the speaker receives the action, so we use me.

That's the traditional grammar rule.

Modern usage, however, is quite different. Many speakers use "me" when they should be using "I".

Therefore, nowadays, "Jack is older than I," may sound too formal.

And "Jack is older than me," would be just fine.

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