My Problems with English

by Maksim


Thanks for all you things you have done, are doing, and will do.

So, you asked me to type (=write) a reply in which I may describe my problems and disabilities, and they are so:

First, motivation to learn English, you know, I`m only 16, my English is not bad for my age, but not as well as I want it to be. I`m a kind of perfectionist (I don`t know how to say… the person who always wants to do its best, but for me major problem is to do my best)), and I want to know every word I don`t know.

How can you help me with learning new words? (Please easy way, I`m very lazy.)

Next point is listening and writing skills, how can I improve it? Parrot-fashion? And the types which suit some formality of messages.

Sorry if something is not right and if something isn`t understandable :-) but it is my first message in english not for my teacher.

Your thankfully,

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Mar 10, 2011
by: Ola Zur

Hi Maksim,

Thank you for your answer!
I am happy to receive it :)

I can totally understand your perfectionism ;)
Basically, the important thing is to get the message across to the other person!

Regarding learning new words ? do read the article
Building Vocabulary and Some Common Mistakes.
It gives many valuable tips on the subject.

Regarding the listening and writing skills:
I wouldn't recommend doing anything "parrot fashion"?

First of all, it's not so much fun, and secondly you don't actually learn any new skill that way.
You simply train "your parrot."
It's like a little machine that remembers things for you, but without you really understanding it.

One of the best ways to steadily improve your English is doing an online course.
The course usually focuses on USEFUL English, and gives you a lot of practice and interaction.

You could try these ones (they have free trials to help you decide if you like it):

ABA English, Real Life Learning - Learn English with Podcasts (Sound Lessons)

So I hope you will find this data useful, and otherwise you are welcome to keep reading :)

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