New ESL Course by Diana Tower Features Emmy Winning Animations

English teacher Diana Tower has launched her ground breaking English course “It’s English Time” which takes English learners by the hand and guides them through the life of Jerry, a 40 year old bachelor whose life is a bit harder than it should be.

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

Inspired by the Emmy winning video series “It’s Jerry Time” by Jerry and Orrin Zucker, “It’s English Time” takes these 20 entertaining animated episodes (loosely based on Jerry’s life) and transforms them into 20 interactive and challenging English self-study sessions.

Each unit focuses on one of the episodes and allows students to learn new vocabulary, expressions, phrasal verbs and much more in 8 simple steps. Students will challenge their listening skills by watching the videos (with and without subtitles) and studying additional audio recorded by Diana herself.

What makes this course one of a kind, is that it takes real English and transforms it into an effective tool to improve one's English, which brings Diana’s motto; Learn English by Using it, to life.

“It’s English Time” is valued at 197€ ($275 USD) but, for a short time only, is available for 137€ ($190 USD), exclusively on Diana Tower’s website,

About Diana Tower

Diana Tower is a Canadian/British Dual citizen currently living in the south of Spain. She started her career teaching business English to adults. She now lives in the south of Spain where she maintains and creates useful content for her website and teaches online English classes. Having taught English for the past 4 years, Mrs. Tower has made it her mission to help English learners find better ways to learn the English language.

About Jerry and Orrin Zucker

Brothers Orrin and Jerry Zucker are the co-creators of the Emmy-winning animated reality cartoon “It’s JerryTime!”, based on the “true tales from the life of Jerry.” Orrin Zucker is the Animator/Director of the webseries and also President of Boston-based Ozone Inc, an award-winning broadcast design company. A 1983 graduate of RISD, Orrin has produced countless programming packages for the broadcast industry. Jerry Zucker, a 1982 graduate of the Newhouse School of Communications, is writer/composer for “It’s JerryTime!” and has just released the soundtrack album for the series. For more information on Jerry and Orrin just visit their website

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