Parts of Speech Importance

by Peristricia Benedict Diones

What is the importance of each part of speech?

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Dec 14, 2012
by: Chelsey

Let us look at each English part of speech one at a time.

Nouns and Pronouns

A noun is a person, place, or thing.

A pronoun can be used in place of a noun.(For example, "She" can be used in place of "Jill".)

Nouns and pronouns are important because they identify the subjects and objects of sentences.

You cannot make a complete sentence without a subject.


John plays football.
She likes chocolate cake.


Adjectives are important because they describe the nouns of a sentence.

Do you see the big, angry dog?

The adjectives in this sentence are big and angry. They tell you that you should probably stay away from this dog!

Do you see the tiny, sweet dog.

The adjectives in this sentence are tiny and sweet. They tell you that this dog is safe to pet.


Verbs are important because they are the action of the sentence.

You cannot make a complete sentence without a verb.


The girl cried.
I like hamburgers.


Adverbs give more information about a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

Adverbs are important because they answer questions such as

how much?

For example:

The man called yesterday.

The adverb, yesterday, tells us when the man called.


A preposition is a word that is used before a noun or a pronoun to connect it to another word in the sentence.

Prepositions are important because they give more information such as location, direction, time, and so forth.


The boy stood on the fence.

The preposition, over, tells us where the boy was standing. It also connects two parts of the sentence.


Conjunctions are important because they join parts of a sentence together.

For example:

Do you want carrots or peas for supper?

Conjunctions can also be used to make two sentences into one sentence.

For example:

I like carrots. My sister likes peas.

I like carrots, but my sister likes peas.


Interjections are important because they express the writer's emotions.


Wow, the singer was amazing!
Um, I'm not sure where he went.
Ow! That hurt!

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