The Risks of
Mental Health Screening

Learn the truth about mental health screenings in schools and the dangers they bring.

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Studies have shown that between 80% to 95% of children would be falsely identified by such screenings and mislabeled as mentally ill.

This would harm thousands and thousands of Americans by giving them stigmatizing diagnoses which can follow them for the rest of their lives.
These labeled children are usually drugged, as well. Get the facts to protect your children.


Violence has been on the rise in our schools and classrooms. In addition, the suicide rate among children and teens is growing at a frightening speed.

In fact, suicide is currently the third leading cause of death among teens!

Is it a mental illness?

Too often, these violent acts are blamed completely on a "mental illness."

Some claim that if the offender had been screened for a mental illness (or screened earlier), he or she could have been "treated" and stopped before committing a senseless crime.

Some school districts even require their teachers to complete mental health screenings on every child. Teachers must complete reports about the behaviors of individual students. These forms are based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

DSM screenings ask questions such as:
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?student

  • Have you often had trouble keeping your mind on schoolwork?

  • Have you lost weight, more than a few pounds?

  • Have you gained weight, more than a few pounds?

  • Have you often felt grouchy, irritable, or in a bad mood?

  • Have you ever experienced any strong fears?

  • Have you had less energy than you usually do?

Do these things mean your child has a mental illness? If your child answers "yes" to a specific number of these questions, your child may be considered depressed or mentally ill.

Kids go through many growth spurts and changes while maturing. Having natural, changing emotions does not mean they have a mental illness!

As an adult, have you ever had trouble sleeping? Do you sometimes have difficulties focusing on your work? Do you experience different emotions throughout your life?

Does this mean that you have a mental illness? No!

It means that you are alive and not a zombie.

Life gives us many different situations. It is only natural that some will give us trouble and some will give us joy. Natural reactions to life difficulties are not mental illnesses.

scientistUnlike a physical illness, there are no scientific tests that can prove someone has a mental illness!

The Difference Between Medical Diseases and Psychiatric Disorders

Mental health screenings have no scientific basis and cannot be trusted!

DSM also has ties to drug companies, meaning they make money from the use of prescription drugs.

Many believe that these screenings are just a way to increase sales of anti-depressants and other psychiatric drugs.

Mental health screenings falsely identify students as "mentally ill"

Studies have shown that many children are falsely identified with a mental illness by these screenings.

Studies have also shown that between 80% to 95% of children would be falsely identified by these screenings and mislabeled as suicidal or mentally ill.

Misdiagnosed children would be mislabeled and medicated with mind-altering drugs.

Many times, it is the drugs and methods used to "treat" those "mental illnesses" that causes our youth to commit the violent acts.
One study reported that 90 percent of school shootings and mass shootings involve psychotropic drugs!

For example, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (the shooters at Columbine High School) were both receiving treatments for mental illness. Eric was taking psychiatric drugs and both boys had attended anger management and death education classes.

Read more about this topic here: Violence in Schools

Psychotropic drugs have many disturbing side effects, including:
  • suicidal thoughts

  • extreme mood swings

  • mental changes

  • anxiety

  • severe depression
To read more about psychiatric drugs, including side effects and alternatives, visit the links below:

Protect your children

Do not allow anyone to give your child a mental health screening without your permission.

Do not be misled by teachers, school boards, or psychiatrists who tell you the tests are required.

Do not allow your child to bethree kids mislabeled with a mental illness!

As a parent or legal guardian, you have the right to refuse to allow your child to participate in these tests.

Write a note to your child's school stating that you do not give permission for your child to take part in any mental health screenings. Include in the note that you will sue if your child is forced to take part in the screenings.

Read more

For more information about the risks of mental health screening, visit these links:

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