Teaching for Different Ages in the Same Class

by Masoumeh

Dear Ola,

I have joined to this wonderful site recently, and I really appreciate all your helpful sources and advice.

I am an English teacher who is teaching English for different ages in same class.

Would you please give me some suggestions to keep my class motivated.

Some times I find my class activities are boring for some ages, and sometimes hard for other ages (ages between 8-15), their level is kind of the same.

Also give me some advices to keep my adult learners motivated (all of them are ESL Learners).

Thank you in advance.

The best,


Hi Masoumeh,

These are important questions. Please take a look at the How to Teach English section.

There are many articles and suggested methods of teaching.

Moreover, if you're subscribed to the newsletter, you should get more tips by mail.

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