Verb TO BE Worksheet:
A Fun Way to Practice

This VERB TO BE WORKSHEET is designed to help students practice and understand using the verb TO BE in different situations. In this worksheet, you will find fill-in-the-blanks exercises, in the form of everyday conversations, focusing on different TO BE forms.

The conversations in this worksheet are divided into 3 levels:



Verb TO BE Worksheet

Everyday Dialogue to Practice the Verb TO BE (Level: EASY)

Text Version:

Fill in the blanks to complete the conversion. Make sure you use the correct form of the verb TO BE. Here are your options: AM / IS / ARE
Olivia and James are friends and they accidentally run into each other at the airport.
Olivia: Hi James!
James: Hi Olivia! It ______________ nice to see you here!
Olivia: I ______________ so surprised to see you here! Where ______________ you headed?
James: I ______________ flying to Paris for a business trip. How about you?
Olivia: I ______________ going to visit my sister in London. She ______________ getting married!
James: Wow, that ______________ great news. Who ______________ the lucky groom?
Olivia: His name ______________ Liam. He ______________ a lawyer in London. They ______________ so in love!
James: That ______________ wonderful. I hope you will have a great time in London.
Olivia: Thanks. What ______________ your plans for Paris?
James: I ______________ attending a few conferences on business marketing.
Olivia: Who ______________ the speaker?
James: His name ______________ John Demarket. He ______________ the CEO of a big company.
Olivia: And ______________ you going to speak too?
James: Yes, I ______________. I ______________ giving a presentation about our new product.
Olivia: That ______________ great. ______________ your partner coming with you?
James: No, he ______________ not. He ______________ staying to look after our business.
Olivia: I get it. Well, have a great time in Paris!
James: Thanks, you too! Enjoy London!
Olivia: Will do. See you!

Everyday Dialogue to Practice the Verb TO BE (Level: INTERMEDIATE)

Text Version:

Fill in the blanks to complete the conversion. Make sure you use the correct form of the verb TO BE. Here are your options: AM / IS / ARE / WAS / WERE
Olivia and James run into each other yet again when they return from their trips. Olivia returns from her sister's wedding in London. James returns from his business trip.
Olivia: Hi James! I ______________ surprised to see you here again. I ______________ not aware that we had a flight on the same day and time!
James: Yes, this ______________ really strange. But it ______________ a good surprise.
Olivia: Indeed it ______________. So, how ______________ your trip to Paris?
James: It ______________ great. I ______________ able to attend all the conferences.
Olivia: How ______________ your own presentation? ______________ you happy with the outcome?
James: Yes, I ______________. People ______________ really interested in our product. They ______________ asking lots of questions and they ______________ really engaged.
Olivia: That ______________ wonderful. Were you able to meet the CEO?
answering questions
James: Yes, I ______________. He ______________ really friendly and he gave me some good advice.
Olivia: That ______________ good news. I ______________ happy that you had a good time.
James: Me too. And what about you? How ______________ your sister's wedding?
Olivia: It ______________ pretty bad actually.
James: I ______________ sorry to hear that. What happened?
Olivia: The caterer ______________ late and the cake ______________ a disaster. The flowers ______________ not the ones we ordered, and the guests ______________ super unhappy.
James: Why ______________ the guests so unhappy?
Olivia: It ______________ because there ______________ no food for over an hour and it all went downhill from there.

a crying bride
James: That ______________ too bad. I hope your sister was okay.
Olivia: She ______________ very upset at first, but I think she ______________ okay now.
James: I see. Well, at least you ______________ now back home safe and sound.
Olivia: Wait, there *is* more! I didn't tell you the worst part...

Everyday Dialogue to Practice the Verb TO BE (Level: ADVANCED)

Text Version:

Fill in the blanks to complete the conversion. Make sure you use the correct form of the verb TO BE. Here are your options: AM / IS / ARE / WAS / WERE / BE / TO BE / BEING / BEEN
James buys Olivia a coffee so she can tell him about her terrible trip.
James: ______________ you hungry? I get you something if you ______________.
Olivia: No, I ______________ not hungry. But I ______________ always up for coffee.
James: Sure. Let's grab a coffee then.
Olivia: ______________ you sure? You don't have to buy me coffee.
James: ______________ I sure? I won't ______________ able to sleep if I don't hear the rest of your story.
Olivia: Alright then...
coffee shop
James: I ______________ listening. Start from the top.
Olivia: Well, as I said, the guests were upset. They had ______________ waiting for the food for over an hour. They had ______________ promised a five-star dinner, but all they got ______________ water and soda.
problems cooking
James: Ouch! I bet your family will not ______________ working with that catering team again.
Olivia: No, they won't ______________. The whole experience ______________ a disaster and it has ______________ the worst wedding ever.
James: I'm sorry to hear that. It must have ______________ really hard for you and your family after all the preparation and effort.
Olivia: Indeed. We were ______________ so careful with every detail and did not expect this to happen. It ______________ quite unbelievable.
James: That ______________ really unfortunate. But wait, what ______________ the worst part you ______________ talking about? I ______________ really curious.
Olivia: The worst part ______________ that the groom was allergic to the flower decorations. He ______________ sneezing non-stop and ______________ totally miserable. At a certain point, he even fainted! My sister ______________ so worried that she fainted too!
James: Oh wow... That ______________ definitely the worst part. How ______________ they now?
Olivia: They ______________ doing well now. They must ______________ on their honeymoon now. I guess we all need ______________ happy and forget about the whole fiasco.
James: Absolutely! I ______________ glad to hear that everything worked out in the end.
Olivia: Thank you. And now I will ______________ resting and recovering the entire weekend.
James: I ______________ sure you ______________ going ______________ just fine. Look at the bright side: you have a great story to tell at parties!
at a party

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