Predicate Nouns and
Predicate Adjectives

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Predicate nouns are a certain kind of nouns.
Predicate adjectives are a certain kind of adjectives.

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Before we go into them let's have a look at a few defintions:

Subject = the person or thing that performs the action, or about which something is stated.

Examples of SUBJECTS:

The shoe is beautiful.

A beautiful shoe

play together often.

A band

is a good student.

A student
Predicate = the part of a sentence that makes a statement about the subject.

("Predicate" is also a verb that means "to state something.")

Examples of PREDICATES:

Angie is watering the plants.

A girl

He is very strong.

A strong man

This dress costs too much.

A dress

PREDICATE NOUN = a noun that follows a linking verb (be, seem, become, etc.) and defines the subject. It answers the question: what is the subject?


He is a great singer.

New York and London are cities.

She will become a genius.

John used to be the manager.

I am a teacher.

Liz stayed an actress.

He is my dad.

She remains my best friend.

PREDICATE ADJECTIVE = an adjective that follows a linking verb (be, seem, become, etc.) and describes the subject.


Her dress is blue.

You are not hungry.

David has become wiser.

They seem a bit tired today.

Her singing sounds lovely.

Jane used to be shorter.

The box seems too big.

You look great.

Predicate Nouns and
Predicate Adjectives Exercises

Exercise 01

Exercise 02

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