Simple Present Rules

Here you can find tables with Simple Present rules on:
positive sentences, negative sentences and questions.

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Positive Sentences

Who? Form of
I verb I run every day.
He/She/It verb + s He runs every day.
She runs every day.
It runs every day.
You verb You run every day.
We verb We run every day.
They verb They run every day.

Click here to find out how to add s to a verb

Negative Sentences

Who? Form of
I do not / don't verb I don't run every day.
He/She/It does not / doesn't He does not run every day.
He doesn't run every day.
She does not run every day.
She doesn't run every day.
It does not run every day.
It doesn't run every day.
You do not / don't You do not run every day.
You don't run every day.
We do not / don't We don't run every day.
They do not / don't They don't run every day.

Question Sentences

Who? Form of
Do I verb Do I run every day?
Does he/she/it Does he run every day?
Does she run every day?
Does it run every day?
Do you Do you run every day?
Do we Do we run every day?
Do they Do they run every day?

So these are the Simple Present rules.

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What's Next?

  1. You can read, or read again, how we use the Simple Present tense

  2. Practice, practice, practice with the exercises

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