Present Progressive Tense

(also called Present Continuous)

The Present Progressive is a very common tense in English. You should understand it, and know it well.

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What's next?

  1. Read and understand the following explanations and examples

  2. Read and understand the Rules

  3. Practice, practice, practice with the Exercises

How do we use this tense?

The Present Progressive is a form of the verb that shows the action is in progress in the present.

Here are the different usages of this tense:

Make sure you also read:

Examples of Typical Time Expressions

Actions that are happening now

(The verbs are in bold)

The boy is running.

a boy running

The phone is ringing.

a phone ringning

They are talking.

people talking

Actions which are currently in progress

(Not at this exact second, but in the present.
For example: these days, this month, this year)

This month they are practicing for a contest.

a couple dancing

He is working in an office.

A sailor standing

He is studying a lot these days.

a boy studying

They are fighting for their country.

soldiers waiting

Planned future actions

Tomorrow he is returning home.

a happy sailor

She is meeting her friends tonight.

a woman with a hat

He is starting a new job in the morning.

a man sleeping

She is traveling to Paris this afternoon.

a lady traveling

Annoying repeating actions

She is always making a mess!

a lady annoyed because of another lady

He is always causing trouble.

a man causing trouble

This guy is always smoking!

a man smoking and another man angry

Examples of
Typical Time Expressions

Now The present time period Near future Annoying
repeating actions
now these days this afternoon always
right now today tonight constantly
this moment this week next week
this month on Sunday
this year after dinner
currently tomorrow

Boy writing happily

What's Next?

  1. If you want, you can REREAD the previous explanations and examples.

  2. Read and understand the rules.

  3. Practice, practice, practice with these exercises.

  4. Read and practice with these stories and exercises.

Present Progressive Story 1

People working

Who are they? Where are they? What are they doing?

Now Janet is in her house. She is sitting on a wooden chair. She is holding a coat. She is fixing it.

James is Janet's husband. He is sitting in front of her. He is fixing clothes too.

Elizabeth is sitting next to James. She is Janet's sister. Right now she is helping Janet and James. They are working together. They are fixing clothes.

At this moment a man is coming in. He is wearing dark clothes. He is carrying a pile of clothes. They are all working very hard.

Click here to download the worksheet: Present Progressive Story 1.

Present Progressive Story 2

A couple

Who are they? Where are they? What are they doing?

Right now, it is Monday morning. Mike and Tina are at home. They are sitting at a table. They are eating breakfast.

At this moment, Tina is drinking coffee. She is eating a pastry. She is sitting across the table from Mike. She is talking to Mike.

Mike is Tina's husband. He is sitting at the table with Tina. He is also drinking coffee. Mike is listening to Tina.

After breakfast, Mike and Tina are leaving for work. They work in the city. They are riding the bus to work.

Click here to download the worksheet: Present Progressive Story 2.

Present Progressive Story 3

Who are they? Where are they? What are they doing?

Now the children are at school. Amy is sewing. She is practicing. She is sitting on a bench. She is sitting near Timmy.

Timmy is at school too. Timmy is studying. He is sitting behind his desk. He wishes he could play with the other children.

John and Susan are also at school. They are playing outside. They are picking flowers for their teacher. John is carrying his hat. Susan is wearing a bonnet.

At this moment, Sarah is walking by the door. She is helping the teacher. She is carrying textbooks to the shelf.

Click here to download the worksheet: Present Progressive Story 3.

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