What's the Difference between "Good" and "Well"? 

When Should You Use Each?  


"Good" is an adjective. This means it describes people, things and places, not verbs.

"She is a good student."

A good student

These sentences are correct:
  • "Sam is a good boy."
  • "They live in a good house."
  • "This is not a good place live in."

These sentences are incorrect:
  • "Sam behaves good."
  • "They eat good."
  • "She sings really good."


"Well" is usually an adverb. It describes actions.

"She dances well."

She dances well

These sentences are correct:
  • "Sam behaves well."
  • "They eat well."
  • "She sings really well."
Note: when "well" is used as an adjective it means "healthy."

For example: "You don't look so well."