What is the Difference between "Every Day" and "Everyday"?

Every Day

"It's like that every day."

Every Day

"Every day" is a time expression that means "each day."

  • "She goes to school every day."
  • "I would go swimming every day, if I could."
  • "Every day he gets a new letter."


"She is not wearing everyday clothes."


"Everyday" is an adjective. It only describes nouns. You use it to describe things that are usual, or that happen every day.

  • "You can't come to the wedding wearing everyday clothes."
  • "Buccula (a double chin) is a word you don't hear in everyday language.
  • "She handles well the problems of everyday life."
In summary, "every day" is a time expression that means "daily," whereas "everyday" is an adjective that means "regular and ordinary."

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