What Does the Expression "Holiday Season" Mean? 

And What's the Difference between the Different Holiday Season Greetings?  

First of all, what does "season" mean?

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It usually means any of the four periods of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.


However, in this case, the word "season" has a special meaning. It is used to mean "a period of time during a year when a particular activity happens."

For example, the "football season," is the period of time when football matches take place.


And the holiday season (also called the holidays, or Christmas season) is the time period from the end of November to early January that includes several holidays (celebrations), such as Christmas and New Year.

It is a special time of the year, for many people.

A special time of the year...


Greeting = a message of good wishes.

What Are some Common
Holiday Season Greetings?

Merry Christmas!

This greeting is said at Christmas to wish people a pleasant Christmas period. It is traditionally used in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. 

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

This greeting is an alternative to "Merry Christmas." It can be used in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Happy New Year!

A greeting said at the start of a New Year.

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

There are many different holidays at this time of the year.

Some examples:
Thanksgiving (a North American holiday), Christmas (Originally a Christian holiday, but it is also widely celebrated by many non-Christians), New Year (a holiday in countries that start a new year on January 1st), Hanukkah (a Jewish holiday), Kwanzaa (an African-American holiday), and others.

"Happy Holidays" can be used for all the holidays collectively. In the United States, this greeting has gained much popularity in the last decade.

Happy Holidays! 

Season's Greetings

This greeting is usually used in writing and not in speech. You can see it a lot on greeting cards.

"Season's Greetings," similarly to "Happy holidays" can be used for all the holidays collectively. 

Season's Greetings

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