English Reading Practice

Drug Education Story Number 3:
LSD – Exercises

1. Watch the video at the top of the page.

2. If you haven't done so, read the story.

3. Do the exercises.

The exercises practice: vocabulary, expressions, grammar, comprehension, and essay writing.

4. Check your answers.

Here is the video. You can watch it in your own language at The Foundation for a Drug-Free World.(Simply click the word "language" at the top right corner of that page.)

Help to educate others so they know the truth about drugs. Click here for drug education tools for teachers and educators.


Vocabulary Questions

1. What does "Marine" mean?

a) a person who studies the ocean

b) a person who catches fish for a living

c) a person who is a member of the military and trained to serve on the sea, land, and air

d) a person who travels on a boat for fun

2. What does "stationed" mean?

a) assigned to work or serve in a certain place

b) living on a set schedule

c) freedom to move around

d) having meals provided for you

3. What does "discharged" mean?

a) promoted to a better job

b) going on a short vacation

c) forced to leave a job

d) going on a business trip

4. What does "coke" mean?

a) Cocaine (a powerful illegal drug that is very addictive)

b) a type of coffee

c) a type of tea

d) Coca-Cola

5. What does "hit" mean?

a) a method of taking drugs

b) buying drugs with stolen property

c) trying drugs for the first time

d) a single dose of a drug

6. What does "dodge" mean?

a) run toward something with excitement

b) walk without direction

c) move quickly to avoid something

d) jog past slowly

7. What does "jumble" mean?

a) a confused mix

b) a clear argument

c) an empty promise

d) an annoyed complaint

8. What does "trip" mean?

a) hallucinations after taking a drug

b) the first step in salsa dancing

c) being unable to sleep at night

d) a long distance run

9. What does "prude" mean?

a) someone who is addicted to drugs

b) someone who is easily shocked

c) someone who likes parties

d) someone who is shy

10. What does "911" mean?

a) slang for "information"

b) the police code for LSD

c) medicine used to treat overdoses

d) the phone number for emergency services

11. What does "repercussions" mean?

a) illegal activities

b) negative results of an action

c) payments made to a lawyer

d) memories of bad events

12. What does "flashbacks" mean?

a) sudden memories of moments from childhood

b) experiences where you feel the effects of LSD long after consuming the drug

c) cravings for a drug you haven't taken in a long time

d) regrets about decisions you made in the past

Expressions Questions

1. What does "hang around with" mean?

a) decorating your apartment

b) spending time together

c) attending an important meeting

d) talking online

2. What does "go off" mean?

a) to stop working

b) to fall down

c) to make a noise

d) to be ignored

3. What does "make up" mean?

a) to compensate for something

b) to work extra time to get extra pay

c) to sleep in too late and be late to work

d) to tell the truth about why you didn't come to work

4. What does "popping in and out" mean?

a) taking more doses of a drug to continue hallucinating

b) talking to many people at the same time

c) walking quickly around a room

d) moving between two different places or feelings over and over again

5. What does "spaced out" mean?

a) having trouble sleeping

b) having a good time

c) having difficulty thinking clearly

d) having to throw up

6. What does "black out" mean?

a) when a person suddenly falls asleep

b) when a person temporarily loses their vision or memory

c) when a person is unable to focus

d) when a person's muscles start to hurt

Grammar Questions

1. I _______ to adjust to the parties.

a) gets

b) gotten

c) has

d) had

2. We talk _______ the drive home.

a) on

b) in

c) at

d) for

3. Max is smiling _______.

a) happy

b) happier

c) happily

d) happiest

4. Max said it _______ make it fun.

a) was

b) would

c) had

d) do

5. My hands shake _____ I call 911.

a) as

b) to

c) at

d) if

6. He said Max _______ be there the rest of his life.

a) will

b) ought

c) could

d) can

Comprehension Questions

Read the story and watch the video at the top of the page about LSD. Then answer the following questions.

1. According to the video, what are three negative side effects of using LSD?

2. According to the video, what is it like to come down from LSD?

3. According to the people in the video, how does LSD affect their lives years after they last took it?

4. In the story, why did Tara decide to try LSD?

5. How does taking LSD change Tara's relationship with Max?

6. What makes Tara decide to stop taking LSD and tell Max to leave?

Essay Questions

1. Of all the negative effects of LSD that are described in the video and the story, which do you think is the most serious? Why do you think so?

2. Imagine you are Tara on the night of the party. What would you do when Max tries to get you to do LSD again? What would you say to him?

And now, check your answers:

Click here for the answer key.

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