English Short Stories Level 02

Story 06

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Tom is hungry

Angela and Tom are hungry.

Camilla has eggs.


Camilla has figs.


Angela wants an egg.

Tom wants a fig.

Angela and Tom want to drink.

Camilla has a jug.

A jug

Camilla has mugs.


Camilla brings mugs, a jug, a fig and an egg.

Camilla has six buns.


Angela wants a bun.

Tom wants a bun.

Camilla brings the buns.

Camilla has nuts.


Angela wants nuts.

Tom wants nuts.

Camilla brings the nuts.


Camilla has gum.

Angela wants gum.

Tom wants gum.

Camilla brings gum.

Camilla gives gum to Angela.

Camilla gives gum to Tom.

Angela and Tom are happy.

Camilla is hungry.

Angela and Tom help Camilla.

Camilla wants a can.

Angela gets a can.

Camilla wants a cup.

Tom gets a cup.

Camilla wants eggs.

Angela gets the eggs.

Camilla wants a bun.

Tom gets a bun.

Camilla is happy.

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