Free Vocabulary Worksheets

Use these free vocabulary worksheets by yourself (if you are a learner) or with your students (if you are a teacher).

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

These worksheets practice sentence composition, and they are suitable for beginners. You can use them online.

Vocabulary Worksheet A

Vocabulary Worksheet B

How to use these worksheets:

  1. Look at each picture and the bold words above it.
  2. Make a sentence to describe the picture using these words.
  3. Note that there is more than one correct answer for each picture!
  4. There is a list of suggested answers at the end of this page.

For example:

Dog, happy

A dog

"The dog is happy."


"The dog seems happy."

(Or any other similar answer.)
Man, books, many

A man with books

"The man has many books."


"This man holds many books."

(Or any other similar answer.)

Vocabulary Worksheet A:

1) Man, surprised

A man
2) Cake, candle

A cake
3) Woman, ball

A lady and a ball
4) Lady, crying

A lady
5) People, clapping

6) Apples, green

7) Apple, red, books

An apple and some books
8) Girl, balloons, flowers

A girl with balloons
9) Family, dinner

10) Bread, baking


Possible Answers:

1) "The man is very surprised."

2) "There is one candle on the cake."

3) "The ball hit this woman."

4) "This lady is crying."

5) "The people are clapping."

6) "These apples are green."

7) "There is a red apple on the books."

8) "The girl has balloons and some flowers, too."

9) "My family is having dinner now."

10) "She is baking some bread."


Vocabulary Worksheet B:

1) Bank, money

A woman
2) Bed, tidy

A bed
3) Heart, broken

A man
4) Trouble, big

A boy
5) Cat, butterfly

A cat
6) Closet, organized

A closet
7) Corner, sitting

A man
8) Box, thinking

A man and a box
9) Armchair, fireplace

A fireplace
10) Refrigerator , empty

A fridge

Possible Answers:

1) "He got the money from the bank."

2) "The bed is clean and tidy."

3) "His heart is broken."

4) "He's in big trouble."

5) "The cat is looking at the butterfly."

6) "Her closet is well organized."

7) "The man is sitting at the corner."

8) "This man is thinking about the box."

9) "She is sitting in her armchair by the fireplace."

10) "The refrigerator is empty."

These were some of the free vocabulary worksheets.

Visit the Vocabulary Activities section for many additional activities and exercises.

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