Fun English Activities
outside the Classroom

Fun English Activities outside the ClassroomIf you're looking for fun English activities which you can use with your students then read on!

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

Sometimes the classroom environment can become a little stale and boring. Here are some ideas for activities you can do outside the classroom. They can be interesting and educational!

Vary your lesson location

If you are able to, then move your class outside!

Playgrounds or gardens, if you are lucky enough to have them, make great teaching locations.

Do you relax more when you are outside? A lot of people do, including many students.

If you are teaching a lesson outside, there are a whole new set of resources for you to use.

For example, you can play a game with the students that is a little like a "scavenger hunt."

You give the students a task – for example, to find two things beginning with the letter "L". They then go in groups or pairs to bring you what you have asked for.

In this case, they could bring a leaf and a ladybug.

If you do activities like this one, it gives your students the chance to be creative.

In this example, someone might bring you 'a little rock' if they can't find things beginning with 'L'. Don't forget to praise creativity like this!

You do have to be careful when you give your instructions for this task though – you don't want students to start pulling up plants or taking things they shouldn't, for example!

Other fun English activities outside the classroom

If you can, it is great to take your students to different public buildings for their lessons.

One lesson some of my students loved was when I took them to a public library. I gave them questionnaires to complete in pairs and they walked around trying to find the information.

This activity also works well in museums, historic buildings, tourist attractions, or even around the city or town you work in.

Always ensure that your students are mature enough to do these activities, or that adequate supervision is available.

Shops and shopping

Another great way to incorporate other locations into your teaching is with shops and shopping. Ask your students to write a recipe from their own country.

They can then go to the shops and try and find the cheapest places where the ingredients are sold. If you have the facilities, then they really enjoy making the recipes too!

You can also give your students an imaginary budget. Ask them to go 'window shopping' (which is when they look but don't buy anything) to decide how to spend their money.

Again, with these tasks, it is important to make sure the students are supervised.

Travel and transport

There are many things you can do to give your students real practice with transport.

Collect leaflets about local attractions. Ask your students, in groups, to plan an itinerary for a visitor to your town.

They can then travel to the different places, either on foot or using public transport to make sure their itinerary works.

Combining the activities

It takes quite a lot of work to set up, but a treasure hunt can use elements of all these activities.

Provide "clues" to locations around your neighborhood. Students follow the first clue to a location where they find a second clue.

They keep following clues until they get to the end of the 'hunt', where a small prize (or the teacher!) is waiting for them.

They can use public transport, buy certain cheap items (for example, postcards), or have to find things to complete the tasks.

Any of these fun English activities can bring more interest and enjoyment to your lessons.

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