How to Learn English

How to learn EnglishYou’ve enrolled in classes and you want to know how to learn English best.

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

Well, learning English is really like learning a new sport. You need training and practice.

Let’s look at some of the things you can do to maximize your efforts.

How to Learn English Effectively

1. Learn the rules

You can’t play football, soccer, or even chess, without knowing the rules. If you want to learn a language you need to know some basic rules before you start. Enroll in a class, get a good grammar book or find a good website, and start learning some of the basics.

2. Be prepared to make mistakes

Skaters fall when they are learning, and even when they are experts! No one thinks badly of you if you get things wrong so don’t be scared to try. And if you do get something wrong, just try again!

3. Training

Training means practicing. Practice your listening by watching movies and videos and by listening to the radio. Practice your reading by reading the news, magazines, journals, internet – anything that helps. Have a good dictionary to look up any words you don’t know.

Practice your speaking by using the language as much as possible. If you live or work with English speakers, then don’t be shy to speak with them. If you live or work with people who speak your language, then try and speak English with them sometimes, it really helps!

4. Get a coach

I don’t mean your teacher. Find an English speaking friend who is happy to talk with you and correct your mistakes. Making mistakes, working at them and learning the right way of doing things is how we learn. One of the best arrangements you can make is find an English speaker who wants to improve in your native language. Then you can help each other!

Do you know someone around you who might be interested?

5. Learn good tactics

Tactics is the particular method you use to achieve something. They can be applied to sports and games, but they can also be used to achieve your goals better and faster. You can learn some methods to improve your learning of English.

For example, many teachers advise to keep a vocabulary notebook for new words. There are different ways you can organize it, so find a way that works best for you. The most important thing about a vocabulary notebook is to look at it often and try to use your new words as soon as you can. You can also add new useful phrases that you hear, or new words and phrases you encounter and want to check in the dictionary later on.

6. The power of synergy

Synergy is the combined power of a group of things when they are working together. This combined power is greater than sum of the individual forces.

For example, if Joe sells flowers by himself, and Jane sells flowers by herself, each of them sells 20 bouquets (40 bouquets in total). But if they work together they may sell 50 bouquets!

The same applies in learning English. You can get results if you only read, or only speak, and so forth. But you will get much better and faster results if you practice and work on different aspects of the language.

So as soon as you feel ready consider working on these different aspects: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

7. Don’t try the advanced stuff too soon

A diver won’t do a triple somersault before they can do the double. A gymnast learns to stand on their hands before they try to perform complicated acrobatic routines. If you try to learn advanced subjects before you mastered the basic ones, you may find it too difficult and lose interest.

8. Repeat the movements

Athletes repeat the movements they need so their muscles remember them. You need to repeat the words, phrases and grammar in English so you and your mouth remember them. If sounds or words are hard to pronounce, keep saying them.

9. Keep the frequency high

Even with all the above tips applied you still have to keep this important point in mine: your frequency of study is key. The best set of courses, textbooks and teachers may produce discouraging results unless you learn and practice often.

Rome wasn't build in a day, but it was build constantly, day by day. So keep your frequency of study high and remember your final goal. This will help you get there.

Follow this advice about how to learn English, and may you have a safe journey. Good luck!

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